Checkpoints | Advanced Parkour System | Level System | 1.8x - 1.16x 2.5.3

The ultimate but simple Parkour plugin. With levels, checkpoint signs and much more.

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1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
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What is it?
Checkpoints is an advanced parkouring system that is completely sign-based. You can create levels for players to play on, or create public checkpoint signs for players to save their lives while playing parkour.

What are the features?
A complete list of features is listed below, so feel free to read that. But in short, it contains sign-based checkpoints, a parkour level system, 3 different difficulties (easy, medium, hard), rewards, and much more.

Features (detailed description)
  • Normal mode & Levels.
  • Sign based.
    • Sign for setting a checkpoint.
    • Signs for joining and leaving levels.
    • Sign alternative for parkour ends (instead of the default block finishing).
    • Sign for removing a player's checkpoint.
    • Sign for sending a player back to their checkpoint.
    • Sign for sending a player back to the lobby spawn.
  • Instant death (no death screen in the void).
  • 3 parkour difficulties.
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
  • Checkpoints (signs).
  • Join menu for levels.
  • Titles when setting a checkpoint and finishing parkours.
  • Tab completion for commands.
  • Custom level inventory.
    • Containing a return-to-checkpoint, leave, and visibility-changing item.
    • Restores inventory when leaving the level.
  • File-based.
  • 1.8x to 1.16x support.
  • PlaceholderAPI placeholders.
  • Block blacklists for levels.
    • Stepping on any of the blacklisted blocks will instantly teleport the player back to their last checkpoint (or level spawn if they don't have one).
    • Ability to whitelist or blacklist blocks.
    • Changeable and togglable for each level.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Rewards
    • Each difficulty can have its own rewards.
    • Each level can have its own rewards.
    • 6 default actions to handle rewards: [message], [broadcast], [command], [console], [sound] and [title]
    • Hooks into AdditionsPlus for actions if installed.
  • In-game preventions.
    • We will disable certain events when a checkpoint is set or when a player is in a level.
    • Cancel dropping items, placing blocks, breaking blocks, picking up and dropping items, flying, teleporting, interacting).
  • Frequently updated
  • Quick support in our Discord
/Command - Command Description - Permission

/checkpoint - Teleport to the latest checkpoint - checkpoints.teleport

/checkpoints - Main command - checkpoints.maincommand
/checkpoints setspawn - Sets the main spawn - checkpoints.setspawn
/checkpoints reload - Reload the plugin - checkpoints.reload
/checkpoints teleport - Teleport to your latest checkpoint - checkpoints.teleport
/checkpoints reset - Reset the checkpoint of a player - checkpoints.reset
/checkpoints sendback - Send a player back to his checkpoint - checkpoints.sendback

/level - Get a list of level commands - checkpoints.level.command
/level list - Get a list of all existing levels - checkpoints.level.list
/level leave - Leaves your current level - checkpoints.level.leave
/level join [name] - Will open the level join menu or instantly join a level if one has been specified. - checkpoints.level.join
/level kick - Kicks a player from their current level - checkpoints.level.kick
/level create - Creates a new level with the specified name and difficulty. The difficulty has to be either easy, medium, or hard. - checkpoints.level.create
/level remove - Permanently removes a level - checkpoints.level.remove
/level setstart - Sets the spawnpoint/start of a level - checkpoints.level.setstart
/level setcreator - Changes the level creator to the specified value - checkpoints.level.setcreator
/level setname - Change the display name of the specified level (supports &-colors) - checkpoints.level.setname
/level setend - Sets the end/finish location of a level. This requires you to stand or look at a pressure plate - checkpoints.level.setend
/level check - Lets you know if a level has been set up properly - checkpoints.level.check
/level info - Get all information of a level -
/level toggleblacklist - Toggles the blacklist option of a level - checkpoints.level.toggleblacklist
/level addblock - Adds the block you are looking at to the block blacklist of a level - checkpoints.level.addblock
/level removeblock - Removes the specified block from the block blacklist of a level - checkpoints.level.removeblock

Other permissions​
Permission - details

- To use a checkpoint sign

checkpoints.sign.easyend - Ability to use an easy-end sign.
checkpoints.sign.mediumend - Ability to use a medium-end sign.
checkpoints.sign.hardend - Ability to use a hard-end sign.
checkpoints.sign.sendback - Ability to use the sendback sign.
checkpoints.sign.reset - Ability to use the checkpoint reset sign.
checkpoints.sign.spawnpoint - Ability to use the return-to-spawn sign.

checkpoints.createsign - Create a normal checkpoint sign.
checkpoints.createsign.easyend - Create an easy-end sign.
checkpoints.createsign.mediumend - Create a medium-end sign.
checkpoints.createsign.hardend - Create a hard-end sign.
checkpoints.createsign.sendback - Create a sendback sign.
checkpoints.createsign.reset - Create a checkpoint reset sign.
checkpoints.createsign.spawnpoint - Create a return-to-spawn sign.

checkpoints.removesign - Remove a normal checkpoint sign.
checkpoints.removesign.easyend - Remove an easy-end sign.
checkpoints.removesign.mediumend - Remove a medium-end sign.
checkpoints.removesign.hardend - Remove a hard-end sign.
checkpoints.removesign.sendback - Remove a sendback sign.
checkpoints.removesign.reset - Remove a checkpoint reset sign.
checkpoints.removesign.spawnpoint - Remove a return-to-spawn sign.

checkpoints.createend.easy - Create an easy-end with blocks.
checkpoints.createend.medium - Create a medium-end with blocks.
checkpoints.createend.hard - Create a hard-end with blocks.

- Remove an easy-end of blocks.
checkpoints.removeend.medium - Remove a medium-end of blocks.
checkpoints.removeend.hard - Remove a hard end of blocks.
checkpoints.removeend.level - Remove a level end (this could result in players not being able to finish certain levels).

- Bypass the block placing prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
checkpoints.bypass.breaking - Bypass the block breaking prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
checkpoints.bypass.dropping - Bypass the item dropping prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
checkpoints.bypass.pickup - Bypass the picking up of items prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set. - Bypass the flying prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
checkpoints.bypass.teleport - Bypass the teleportation prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
checkpoints.bypass.interact - Bypass the block interaction prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.

How to create a level?​
  1. Create a new level using "/level create <level> ". The difficulty could be "easy", "medium", or "hard".
  2. Set the spawn location of the level using "/level setstart <level>". This is the start location of the level.
  3. Set the end location of the level with "/level setend <level>". To do this, you have to be either standing on a pressure plate or looking at one. The block underneath the pressure plate doesn't matter in this case.
  4. Optionally change the creator and/or display name of the level with "/level setcreator " and "/level setname ".
How to create a parkour end?​

Sign formats​
Line 1: [checkpoint]
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 1: [checkpoint]
Line 2: easy-end
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 1: [checkpoint]
Line 2: medium-end
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 1: [checkpoint]
Line 2: hard-end
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 1: [checkpoint]
Line 2: sendback
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 1: [checkpoint]
Line 2: reset
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 1: [checkpoint]
Line 2: spawnpoint
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 1: [checkpoint]
Line 2: join
Line 3:
Line 4:

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