Lifesteal AFK Pool 1.0.2

Plugin which can give hearts to reward players staying online in an AFK pool or region

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1.17, 1.18, 1.19
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Lifesteal AFK Pool

Give hearts to reward players staying online

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This plugin gives hearts to players sitting in an AFK pool (or region). Server owners will find this interesting since it incentivizes players to stay online.


Download and copy the plugin to your plugins folder. Run the server once Edit the file "config.yml" which can be found in the plugin folder Change the world name to the name of the world where the AFK region is. Make sure you have a worldguard region for the AFK pool. Change the region name to the name of the region you create for the AFK pool. Other options such as the amount of hearts given can be changed to fit your needs. Save the file & Restart the server.


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Plugin: LifestealAFKPool
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