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The best and most popular SkyWars plugin on the market! Infinite options and everything is configurable.

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1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19
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v5.6.19 : Bug patches & API features

Added a bunch of API features as needed upon request
Fixed a few bugs related to world loading (especially when using SWM in 1.8)
Fixed messages.yml not being used for the name of modifiers voted in-game
Fixed other various bugs

Main features

  • Scoreboards
    • 5 different scoreboard types for different game statuses.
    • Supports (MVdW)PlaceholderAPI
    • 20 custom placeholders
    • 32 characters on 1.8-1.12, 128 on 1.13+
  • BungeeCord support
    • Lobby server with join signs & menu
    • Game servers (auto arena join when joining the server)
    • Returned to lobby server after game ends
  • Solo games
  • Team games
    • Waiting lobby for team games
    • Team selector
    • Group cages/single cages
  • Join games through signs
  • Join games through menus
  • Kits
  • Chat system
    • 4 chat formats
    • Lobby, spectate, ingame, and team chat
    • Option to disable custom chat, and use another plugin's chat system
    • Optional externalPrefix option to add a prefix to another plugin's chat system (disabled by default).
  • Game voting
    • Chests (basic, normal, overpowered, empty)
    • Health (5hp, 10hp, 15hp, 20hp)
    • Time (dawn, noon, dusk, night)
    • Weather (sun, rain, thunder, snow)
    • Modifier (speed, jump, strength, none)
  • Chest loot
    • Configurable chest loot
    • 6 total chest types (3 are votable)
    • Center chests
    • Basic, normal, overpowered, basiccenter, normalcenter, opcenter
  • Spectate games through menus
  • Game options
    • win sounds
    • kill sounds
    • glass (cage)
    • taunts
    • particles
    • projectile trails
  • Lobby spawn
    • teleport to lobby on join/world join
    • teleported to lobby on game leave/end
  • Player statistics
    • wins
    • kills
    • ELO
    • losses
    • games played
    • deaths
  • Game events
    • DisableRegen
    • HealthDecay
    • EnderDragon
    • Wither
    • MobSpawn
    • CrateDrop
    • ChestRefill
    • DeathMatch
    • ArrowRain
    • AnvilRain
  • MySQL support
  • Holographic statistics (Holographic Display)
  • Party system
  • Tab Complete for Skywars commands (if permission)
  • Command to customize chest loot in-game
  • Command to create and manage arenas
  • Command to create kits
  • Arena display names
  • Lobby scoreboard + In-game scoreboards
  • Messages are 100% configurable
  • Everything is configurable in the Skywars folder

Extra features

  • Added tab complete for commands.
  • Added team chats. Use a ! in front of the message to talk globally.
  • Added join and leave messages on game join.
  • Added a new scoreboard system for less lag, more efficiency, and PAPI support.
  • Added a waiting lobby to team games!
  • Added the ability to enable separate cages for team games.
  • Added a team selector for team games.
  • Added an option to disable the join-waiting timer being reset every time a new player joins the game (config.yml -> game.resetTimerOnJoin).
  • Added detailed description messages in case an arena failed to register.
  • Added look direction spawn. Players will face to this location when they join the map. Must be enabled in the config.
  • Hooks into the extension to override the actions when clicking the join item in the inventory.
  • Added join menu customization for items. You can now change the lores and display names.
  • Added join menu per-arena icons. Each arena can have its own icon.
  • Added 1.14x, 1.15x, and 1.17x support.
  • Added Developer API Events!
  • Added the sw.signs permission for breaking signs.
  • Added option in config to disable the winning broadcast.
  • Fixed arenas menu being empty.
  • Fixed the PlaceholderAPI expansion error.
  • Fixed holograms giving errors when HolographicDisplays wasn't installed.
  • Fixed spectate skulls being duplicated.
  • Quick Death
  • Schematic cages for solo games (requires WorldEdit)
  • Fixed player spawn points being forgotten after setting them.
  • Fixed wall signs being empty bug on 1.13+.
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