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Your classic Manhunt with Twists to spice up the game!

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1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19
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To spice it up, we came up with a “twisted” manhunt gamemode. Players vote for the twists they want (listed below) to spice up the game.
This manhunt game was created in collaboration with ExodusMC.

What are the features?
This plugin is a well-put-together Manhunt game with certain new twists (events) that make the game more fun. A complete list of features is listed below, and there are images if you scroll below that.

Why would I buy it?
You would want it because:

  • You love Manhunt
  • You want to try out something new and amazing
  • You want to experience the classic game but better
  • You are a content creator looking to offer a new gamemode to your audience

  • Game options​
    • You can set the default values of these options in the config.
    • Changeable hunters amount for each game.​
    • Ability to disable/enable daylight cycle for each game.​
    • Ability to enable/disable twists for each game.​
    • Ability to change the runner headstart.​
      • 30 seconds: runners get 30 seconds to prepare before the hunters get released.​
      • 1 minute: runners get one minute to prepare before the hunters get released.​
      • 1.5 minutes: runners get one and a half minutes to prepare before the hunters get released.​
      • 2 minutes: runners get two minutes to prepare before the hunters get released.​
    • Ability to add/remove new runners to the game if you're the host.​
    • Ability to enable/disable friendly fire for hunters for each game.​
  • Twists​
    • 7 different twists​
      • None: just the classic Manhunt game without any additional twists.​
      • Acid Rain: poisonous rain falls down on everyone for 30 seconds and will damage if you're not covered under blocks. (with particles)​
      • Random Yeet: every player will get yeeted (thrown) into a random direction. MLG is your only option.​
      • Hardcore: every player's health is set to 3 hearts, and players won't be able to regenerate health for 30 seconds straight. Can you survive?​
      • Speed Boost: runners will gain a speed effect of a random strength from 1-3 for 30 seconds.​
      • Blindness: hunters will be blinded for 20 seconds straight.​
      • Extra Health: runners will get 40 hearts, and hunters will get 24 hearts when the game starts.​
    • Voting option while waiting.​
    • Twists will occur at random times during the game.​
    • Command to forcefully start a twist.​
  • Waiting lobby​
    • A temporary waiting lobby will be placed in the air when the game is being created.​
    • Placed and removed with WorldEdit.​
    • When the game starts, hunters will drop from the sky.​
  • Tracking compass​
    • Hunters get compasses to track the runners.​
    • Runners get a compass to track each other when there is more than one runner.​
    • Works in nether and the end!​
    • Displays the number of meters away in the action bar.​
    • Somehow didn't receive it? Use /compass
  • Scoreboards​
    • Each player gets their own scoreboard with their game stats on it during the game.​
    • 11 scoreboards for different stages in the game.​
  • Stunning menus​
    • Interactive game host menu.​
    • Easily accessible and pretty.​
    • Twist vote menu.​
    • Configurable items.​
    • (see images below)
  • Rejoin features like Hypixel.​
    • Players can rejoin a game after disconnecting using /rejoin
    • This will take one life from the players' lives (fatal for runners).​
  • BungeeCord support!​
    • Connects to all servers using socket connections. This requires an open port on the server to work!​
    • Lobby server and game servers.​
  • Allow minimum client game version to host/join games (requires ViaVersion).​
  • Let players pay to host a game.​
  • Lots of cool messages and titles.​
  • Messages are written in Hypixel style.​
  • Configure what seeds should be used for world generation, and add your own.​
  • Spectator mode​
    • Like Hypixel's spectator mode (invisible).​
    • Spectators can teleport to runners.​
  • Chats​
    • There are 4 different chats: global, hunters, runners, and deads.​
    • Possibility to change all prefixes and chat formats.​
    • Ability to enable/disable per-team chat.​
    • Ability to exclude dead players from their team chat to prevent spoiling.​
  • Player data storage!​
    • Supports MongoDB, MySQL, and YAML.​
    • Stores games won as runner/hunter, kills made as runner/hunter, and total games played as runner/hunter.​
  • PAPI support for player data placeholders.​


Below is a video of Qurp0 streaming Manhunt with this plugin installed. Check it out: TWITCH VIDEO OF LIVE MANHUNT - QURP0
You can check out his channel here:

Main /manhunt menu:
Host a game item (available):
Join a game item (available):

Host a game item (unavailable due to unsupported client version):
Join a game item (unavailable due to unsupported client version):
Store/description item:

No games available:
Host a new game item:
No games found fill item:
Main game host menu:
Toggle twist option item:
Max players option item:
Friendly fire option item:
Daylight cycle option item:
Runner headstart option item:
Runner manager option item:
General layout of the menu:
Hardcore twist:
Extra Health twist:
Random blindness twist:
Random yeet twist:
Speed boost twist:
No twists:
Acid Rain twist:
Items will light up for the player that voted for the twist:

Acid rain effects:

Searching for a game across the network using sockets:
Server found to host a game on:


  1. Make sure your server is 1.16. It may work on 1.13-1.15 too, but we haven't tested that yet, and some menus also have 1.16 items.
  2. Make sure you have WorldEdit installed (not FAWE!).
  3. Optionally install MultiverseCore and MultiversePortals to allow players to go to the nether and end. This will not work without these two plugins (unless you have an alternative).
  4. Put the Manhunt jar file in your /plugins/ folder.
  5. Restart your server, or load the plugin with any third-party plugin like Plugman.
  6. You're all set!
  7. Optionally, you can head into the config.yml and change some of the messages or change some menu items. If your server is not English, you can translate all messages in the config.yml.
  1. If you are not in a game, you can type /manhunt to open the Manhunt game join menu. If you have the right permission (manhunt.hostgame), you will see an item in the right bottom corner (default an emerald) which you can click to create a game.
  2. This will open the game setup menu in which you can change your game settings, such as friendly fire, maximum amount of players, headstart length, daylight cycle, and more.
  3. Once you finished your settings, click the bottom right corner again to officially create and host the game.
  4. The plugin will now create the three worlds (overworld, nether, end) and optionally register them to Multiverse if installed.
  5. You will automatically get teleported to the game when it finished loading. Other players may get teleported to the game if you have this enabled in the config.
  6. Now all you have to do is wait for people to join and type /manhunt start or click the start button in the settings menu to start the game.
  1. Head to the config.yml and make sure that bungee.enabled is set to "true".
  2. Depending on whether the server you're currently configuring the Manhunt plugin on, set the option to true/false. Set it to "true" if you want people to be able to host and join games from the current server (lobby).
  3. Set the option bungee.server-name to the current server name, matching with the names from the Bungeecord config.yml (in the root folder of your Bungeecord server).
  4. Only on the game servers: change the setting bungee.lobby-server-name to the name of the Manhunt lobby server that you just configured.
  5. Only on the lobby server: put all server names that you just configured of the game servers in the list.
  6. Set up the socket connection. This allows all the servers to connect with each other. Get a hostname. This is usually localhost but can also be your IPV4 public or local server IP. Change this under bungee.socket.hostname.
    Apply a FREE port for the socket to connect to. This port can NOT be used by anything else and has to be port forwarded if the servers are not on the same IP (not if you entered a local IP)! If you are hosting your Minecraft server by a provider, they may give you pre-forwarded ports to allocate.
  7. Startup the servers, starting with the lobby server, followed by the game servers. The game severe should automatically reconnect when disconnected (this does require a previous connection!).
    The servers will ONLY communicate correctly if the lobby server was the first server to be online as that server establishes the socket server for future connections.

The permission manhunt.hostgame is required to host games!

/manhunt : opens the manhunt menu or displays the help message if you're hosting a game.
/manhunt setspawn : manhunt.admin : set the lobby spawnpoint.
/manhunt start : start your game.
/manhunt start [gameHost] : manhunt.admin : start someone else's game.
/manhunt stop: stop your game.
/manhunt stop [gameHost] : manhunt.admin : stop someone else's game.
/manhunt addrunner <player> : Add a new runner to the game.
/manhunt removerunner <player> : Remove a runner from the game.
/manhunt runners : Get a list of all runners.

/manhunt forcetwist : Forcefully start a twist.

/compass : Get the runner tracker if you're playing a game.
/leave : Leave your current game.
/rejoin : Rejoin your previous game if you disconnected.

* None of these commands (except the admin commands) currently require a specific permission.

In this file, you can change a couple of settings, and change every message, title, item, and sound from the plugin.

The config file is linked below, on our pasting service, because the file became too big to post on this page:

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